How long will my appointment be?

2.5 – 3 hours. The first part of the appointment Hannah will go through her consultation form with you and obtain a medical history. Then she will design the outline of your desired brow shape or lip couture and eyelash enhancement.  Once you are happy and approve the pre draw design Hannah will then perform the procedure, and will then spend time thoroughly educating you on after care.

How often will I need a colour refresh?

Appox 1.5 – 2 years to maintain its fresh natural appearance. If your shape is still present then Hannah can give you a colour refresh but if you leave it too long so no shape is present it is considered a full treatment again.

How long will the tattoo last?

Results are varied on each individual’s skin type and how your body heals. You may still want to pencil in brows once they healed to achieve a bolder look and with special occasion make up but you will have an easy guide to follow. The technique used microblading vs. powdered brow, lifestyle choices and our individual bodies’ responses all affect the long term outcome. Cosmetic tattooing is not an exact science but typically between 1 -3 yrs depending on the area treated and technique used. For example powder brows last longer than microblading so are a great option for active people who work out a lot or oily skin types.

How is colour chosen?

Hannah has undergone further in depth training in colour theory for cosmetic tattooing. Your skin type and hair colour will guide this process and other factors specific to you are taken into consideration so modifications can be made to ensure an appropriate healed result. Multiple shades are rubbed onto your forehead to determine the best shade. Hannah can also mix colours to find the perfect match specifically for you.

What is the down time?

None! You can leave the clinic after the procedure and carry on as normal. Some pinkness may be present for an hour or so after. Lips and eyeliner can cause some swelling but this subsides after 24hrs.  If you have an important event or trip away Hannah asks that you plan accordingly for this as no makeup can be used on the treated area while healing and aftercare involves cleansing the area and applying the provided lotion that is included in your after care. Further to this swimming and heavy sweating is not permitted during the healing period.

Does it hurt?

Hannah uses a topical anaesthetic to numb your skin during the procedure so discomfort is very minimal. Hannah’s years of experience nursing have given her a good understanding of pain management. She will reapply anaesthetic as needed throughout the procedure and focuses on good technique so your experience is as comfortable as possible.

Do you remove all my brow hair?

No absolutely not! I try to retain as much of your natural hair as possible and work to enhance your natural features. Brow hair that is outside the perimeters of the brow design will only be removed.

Is cosmetic tattooing suitable for everyone?

Not always! If you have extremely oily skin the microblading technique may not work well for you. The constant production of oil will cause the hair strokes to heal with a diffused look so strokes are not so crisp looking. In this case a powdered brow technique may be better suited. If you are a very active person who works out a lot you may also be better suited to a powder brow. The reason being that the salts naturally produced during sweating can cause premature fading which is more common in microblading. Medical conditions and medication can also determine your suitability, if you are on blood thinners or fish oil you will be required to stop these and seek Doctors approval if prescribed. Hannah only accepts previous cosmetic tattoos done elsewhere with caution and will refer you for removal first if required. Hannah completes detailed client paperwork during consultation so it is important that you disclose anything that may affect your suitability.